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As the energies of our mastery grow, the unresolved issues ("stuff") bury themselves deeper and deeper in our foundation until our foundation breaks wide open. The longer we procrastinate in resolving our core issues, the deeper the roots wedge themselves into our foundation. Even though we have done years and years of personal work, some issues are ignored, some are neglected, and some have not even come to the surface.

Join us as we reveal the full spectrum of issues. You will leave Core Flush with valuable tools to assist you on your path of personal growth, spiritual healing, and self-mastery. Discover what you have been hiding from, and what has been hiding from you!
Upcoming Class

September 3-16, 2007
Divine Intervention Dome, Hot Springs, Arkansas (www.didome.com)
This is a two-week intensive workshop.
Assistants - Gabriele Bodmer and Zabe Barnes
To register or for more info visit
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• A greater awareness of yourself and others.
More personal responsibility for your life.
A deeper understanding of who you are.
Knowledge of what drives your actions & behaviors.
Knowledge of your assets and liabilities.
A more realistic self-concept.
Less judgment and more openness.
A laundry list of your "stuff."
Goals and action items for improvement.
A personal self-help book (written by you)
A personal poster (put it up on your wall)

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